Midwest Pilgrimage

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks – Week 21: At the Cemetery

PROMPT: Cemeteries are such special places; I feel drawn even to those where I don’t have any ancestors buried. Which cemetery is special in your family’s history? Do you have a story about “visiting” a special relative? 
Two of my great great-parents–Walter and Marian Harvey Harding. They were both born and lived in County Sussex, England, and came to Kansas with their six children in 1890.

Once again, this post did not meet deadline, but the reason for that is that I was traveling and, in my travels, visited more than a half dozen cemeteries in Kansas and Missouri.

Although, thanks to FindAGrave, I had already seen photos of my many, many ancestors in this area, I wanted to seek these ancestors’ final resting places out for myself. At one cemetery in particular–the Reformed Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Winchester, Kansas–it would be far easier to list the number of those interred there (933 total) to whom I am not related!

Over the course of several days, I managed to visit the graves of all four of my grandparents, the graves of all eight of my great-grandparents, almost all of the graves of my great great-grandparents, and numerous great great great-grandparents as well!

The cemeteries in Verona were particularly difficult to find and were in remote locations. I don’t know what my husband and I would’ve done without Google Maps and the technology of GPS!

The graphics below show the lineage of each of my four grandparents as well as the location of the graves and cemeteries.

NOTE: In order to better view the graphics below, right click on an image and select “Open Image in New Tab.” The full-sized image can then be viewed in the new tab.

My Maternal Grandfather’s Line

My Maternal Grandmother’s Line

My Paternal Grandmother’s Line

My Paternal Grandfather’s Line

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