Gone Fishin’!

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks – Week 20: Cousin Bait

PROMPT: “Cousin bait” is a term used to describe the ways we try to attract the attention of others researching our families. It could be things like blogging, having a public online tree, or leaving comments on a FindAGrave memorial. Have you successfully set cousin bait or got hooked by someone else’s? (You could also take a more literal route and talk about fishermen in your family tree.) 

Having been vaccinated and anxious to go out into the world, I have been traveling and away from my desktop and, thus, have some catching up to do with regard to my 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge posts.

Therefore, in the interests of expediency, my belated posts may be a bit more succinct or in this case, consist of a photo.

For “Cousin Bait”, I submit the following photo of my granduncle fishing–probably somewhere in Crawford County, Kansas. I don’t know about you, but I think he seems awfully dressed up for a fishing expedition! I love the photo, however.

James (Robert) Williamson (1912-1981). My granduncle was born and lived in the Pittsburg, Kansas, area his entire life. I never saw him with anything other than the round wire glasses he wears in the photo above, so it’s very easy for me to see in this photo the older adult that I knew.
My Granduncle James with his family, later in his life–sometime before 1965. Standing L-R: “Toosie” Williamson (his aunt); James; Margaret Oliver (his first cousin); Opal Fields Williamson (his father’s second wife); and David Williamson, James’s father. Seated is James’s Aunt Jean Williamson Oliver.

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