Challenge Accepted!

Although I am NOT happy with the way in which Céspedes left my New York Mets, he WAS an awesome player, and he DID wear number 52 both with the Mets and, previously, with the A’s.

Every year about this time one sees advice for keeping one’s New Year’s Resolutions. Invariably, these pieces all contain a variation of something along the lines of, “Don’t be vague. Make your goals specific. ‘I want to do more of [fill in the blank] in the coming year,’ is not nearly as helpful as, ‘I want to aim for doing [fill in the blank] once each month/week/day in the coming year.'”

Having been furloughed since March with a return to work not coming until September at the earliest, I initially fantasized about all of the personal stories I would glean from my family tree during this downtime. While I have certainly done a lot of research on my tree, I have not yet created any posts detailing any ancestor(s)’ life/lives or written about intriguing information I have discovered in the course of adding citations and records to my Ancestry tree.

Well, along came Amy Johnson Crow. I have been on her mailing list for quite some time, but a newsletter she sent last month caught my attention. She has (again) issued a challenge to those on her mailing list to participate in her initiative 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks. I promptly signed up and joined the Generations Cafe Facebook Community.

Joining others in this initiative will no doubt keep me on track. Doing this much writing will definitely be a challenge, but the rewards for taking this on should be well worth it!

Watch this space for much more activity in the coming year!

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