On This Day: Birth of John “Jack” McKeney Taylor, Jr.

Street Scene – Junction City, Kansas – 1874

Born September 10, 1854, in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Jack Taylor was my great great grandfather.

Jack Taylor was born on this day in 1854 in New Bedford, Massachusetts. His parents, John McKeney Taylor, Sr. and Jane White Taylor, had married in their twenties and emigrated from Ireland in 1835. Both John Taylor, Jr., and his brother Samuel were born in Massachusetts in 1854 and 1853, respectively.

Junction City Weekly Union – 17 Mar 1921

I hope to someday determine how it came to pass that this family then came to Geary County, Kansas. From documents I have found, it would appear that the family remained in Massachusetts about fifteen years.

In 1869, both sons and their parents moved to Kansas Falls, located several miles outside of Junction City.


On December 1, 1878, Jack Taylor married Meta Christina Asmussen, aged twenty. She had arrived in Junction City at about the same time as Jack. She and her family had emigrated from Germany.

The Junction City Tribune – 19 Dec 1878

Meta Asmussen Taylor in the early 1940s

The couple had ten children, eight of those children surviving to adulthood. One of their children was my great grandmother Jennie Taylor Harding.

Junction Weekly Union – 23 Oct 1915

Jack was a farmer, corn being at least one of his crops. He also had livestock and made his son a co-owner of the farm.

Junction City Weekly Union – 12 Sep 1891 

Apparently Jack—and, later, two of his sons—enjoyed local celebrity status for the spoils of their fishing expeditions.

Junction City Daily Union – 27 May 1918

Jack and Meta Taylor lived out their lives in Junction City and are buried there in Highland Cemetery.