On This Day: Birth of Reginald Harding

Born August 29, 1886, in England

Reginald Harding was my great grandfather.

Reginald Harding and his siblings and parents emigrated from England to Kansas when Reginald was about three years old.

The Harding family’s arrival in Junction City, Kansas, made quite the big splash, even warranting a write-up in the social pages.

A pencil sketch of Reginald Harding drawn by his youngest daughter, Maxine.

Reginald Harding grew up in Junction City, Kansas, and married Kansas native Jennie Taylor on January 1, 1907.

The couple had three children–two daughters and a son: my grandfather, Clifford Lorraine Harding.

It seems that Reginald led an interesting life, finding work in various unrelated ways.

He raised poultry.

He worked in a cigar store in Topeka.

He was a performing artist.

His singing and acting talents were utilized in performances and tours in which Jennie was also involved. In fact, their oldest daughter, Gladys, was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, during one of the couples’ tours.

He was employed by and later owned and managed a Standard Oil gasoline station in Wakefield, Kansas.

The Junction City Weekly Union – August 19, 1915
The Junction City Daily Union – February 16, 1915
BACK ROW, l-r: Jennie Taylor Harding, holding my mother, Sandra Joyce Harding ; Reginald Harding, holding Barbara Reid; FRONT ROW, l-r: Bill Deppish and sister Donna Deppish.

Reginald Harding passed away on January 2, 1956, at the age of 70. He was predeceased by Jennie.

Surviving were his three children and seven grandchildren, four of whom are pictured here.

Reginald Harding is buried in Highland Cemetery in Junction City, Kansas.

Newspaper clippings from The Junction City Daily Union and The Junction City Weekly Union.

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