About the Blogger

Born in Kansas, raised in Oklahoma, and having lived in several American cities since then, I have called the greater New York City area home for the past thirty years.

I host two blogs on WordPress.

I married a New York Mets fan who then turned me into one myself. Frequency of posting on my site Perfect Pitch tends to wax and wane with the National League East standings, but poetic inspiration can also come from commonalities I observe between professional baseball and my vocation as a professional musician.

The creation of my site Talking Leaves had two inspirations, really.

The impetus to actively seek out more about my family heritage came from my daughter. It seemed every March 17th since she was old enough to know what a shamrock looked like, she would ask me, “Mommy, are we Irish?” I finally got tired of answering apologetically, “Yes, I’m pretty sure we are of Irish descent,” and began seeking a real answer. (We are.)

But my interest in family heritage was there all along, I think, albeit in a dormant stage. It was subconsciously fostered in me by my mother and maternal grandmother whose many conversations—often about extended family—I overheard for so many years.

When I’m not writing, playing the oboe, sitting in Section 318 at Citi Field, or researching my family tree, I enjoy reading, occasional travel, and spending time with my husband and adult daughter…and my much-loved Westies Tristan and Izzy.

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